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Easigrass Ireland – Artificial Grass Animals

Easigrass Ireland have launched their latest addition to the Artificial Grass family. Introducing the EasiZoo!

The new big “Must Have” accessory for any garden or outdoor space.

Here at HQ, we love to have fun and create new things using our grass. Our first member, ‘Gertrude’ The Cow, made her debut at the St Patrick’s Day Parade in London as a promotional icon. However she caused such a stir that she soon became the most desirable garden accessory!

Artificial Grass Cow by Easigrass

Initially it was a challenge, to say the least. But we soon mastered the special techniques to bring these animals to grassy life! Now we are experts in creating different artificial grass animals. The perfect addition to any garden that wants to stand out.


Just like that, the EasiZoo was born. We adopted a number of exotic animals, some of which are life-size, and we gave them an Easi ‘Make-Over’!

The collection so far comprises of a Lion, a Tiger, an Elephant, a Horse, a Donkey, a Camel, a Komodo Dragon, a Crocodile, a Hippo, a Panda Bear, an 8ft Gorilla, a Wild Boar, a Pony, a Kangaroo, a Rhino, a Calf, and a 10ft Giraffe.

Easi Zoo Love

The Animals have proved so popular as Garden Accessories! Which isn’t surprising as they are truly eye catching and unique. They are making guest appearances all around the country at a host of events, such as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Chelsea in Bloom, Hampton Court, and John Lewis stores.

Make sure to get your photo taken if you come across one of the Artificial Grass beats!

Following the popularity of our New EasiZoo Animals, we’ve launched the Garden Range, now in stock and available for purchase or rent.

Grass Animal Requests

We are always looking for new additions to join the Easigrass family and we are also accepting special requests! Recently a request came in for a unicorn, and so ‘Pegasus’ became our latest success. We are always ready for the next artificial grass animal request.

easi animals

Reg The Rhino is an ambassador for a Rugby Brand. He even travelled to South Africa, where Easigrass was very fortunate to be Sponsoring the ‘Tagging of a Rhino’

Artificial Grass Rhino Animal

10 Year Warranty

Our Artificial Grass Animals make the perfect humorous gift for that person you thought had everything!

They can be delivered worldwide, and they all come with a 10 year warranty.

Call today and choose your favourite grass animal, we will get him packed and ready for his new home! Ph: 503 5201